Automotive Industry

Applications & User Cases

Alicona measurement solutions enable the high-resolution measurement of valve seat roundness, automatic cam inspection: Evaluation of ridges and distance between laser lines, failure analysis and development of materials for engine and transmission components (e.g. corrosion, analysis of breakdown, measurement of spinning in angular gearbox, gear damage, 3D measurement of multi-plate clutches and synchronizers), robot-based measurement of engine blocks, quality assurance on pumping systems (based on oil and water), material optimization during the development of drive and axle systems, quality assurance of car body and steel surfaces, comparison of differently honed surfaces by determination of functional volume parameters, quality assurance of sealing systems, contour measurement of synchronizer rings, optimization of optical and haptic characteristics of car seats and dashboards and much more.

“With Alicona we know if a component is okay and if it lies within specified tolerances and a wide measuring range makes each of our components measurable.”

Brett Manwill, Reliability/Design Engineer, Roush Yates Engines