Medical Technology & Pharmaceutics

Applications & User Cases

Alicona measurement solutions enable the high-resolution measurement of dental implants’roughness, including those on thread roots, quality assurance of orthodontic brackets, complete form measurement of surgical drills, milling cutters, etc., high-resolution measurements of knee, hip or spinal disc implants, establishing a measurable correlation between surface quality and biological behavior of implants, measurement of pills and capsules: Simple and visible verification against imitations, quality assurance of packaging products and materials, verification of surface finish and quality of surgical instruments and instrument tables, quality assurance of blister machines and components, heating plates and sealing rollers, optical measurement and inspection of needle protection for syringes, fusion tubes and other materials produced by means of plastic injection molding

“I can rely on Alicona regarding not only precise measurement but expert application knowledge as well!”

Josef Meisler, Quality Engineering, Alpha Bio Tec