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What to expect:

We would like to welcome you again at the Bruker Alicona headquarters in Graz and show you how our measuring systems are used in practice!

In this webinar you will learn more about current applications in selected key markets such as medical technology, tooling and aerospace. And: We will go into depth - Dr. Martin Koller from the Clinical Department of Dental Medicine at the Medical University of Graz will report to you in an expert interview about the findings using the Bruker Alicona InfiniteFocus.


Measurement of a screw for stabilization used in spinal surgery - Illustration of the deviation

See the following applications and systems:


  • Medical technology: A customer from the medical technology sector uses the optical µCMM not only for the measurement of high-gloss knee implants but also for the lateral probing of vertical surfaces (Vertical Focus Probing)
  • Tooling industry: IMCO, manufacturer of high-performance cutting tools, uses the Bruker Alicona EdgeMaster to measureshape and contour accuracy, rake angle, undercuts, chipping and roughness. Especially the easy handling of the system is an enormous advantage for IMCO.
  • Aerospace: MTU Aero Engines already has three Cobot systems in operation for break edge measurement. For MTU, the automatic measurement and evaluation of radii, chamfers and break edge on turbine engine components is a criterion of modern quality assurance.
  • Expert interview: Dr. Martin Koller from the Clinical Department of Dental Medicine at the Medical University of Graz, Austria, explains how and why the InfiniteFocus optical measuring system is used.

Meet the Presenters


Urban Muraus
Sales Director

Bruker Alicona Key Account Manager Dominik Urlep

Dominik Urlep
Key Account Manager

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